Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mint Biome

peppermint on tongue,
I suck the sugar from the air
through the cracks
between my teeth.

blizzard in my throat,
frost bitten
apple of

external Rain forest,
internal Tundra.

Today's Lunch Menu

Vegetable sushi
Served with your choice of Indecision soup, or Pad Thai Ambience

House beverage:
Distraction Sake,
on the rocks.

Psyche Rack

Lamb on a rack,
  melting, smelt of
    plastic in the sun,
      expanding North,
propelling South.
  the West reels in my limbs,
     the East--a wreckage of
        my skull.
Me, the lamb, living
  by means of escape,
     screeching at a wall,
        expecting a listener.

Zapped. [condensed]

dancing with my lobotomist,
and running through lightning storms
in aluminum foil.

i would feel
as our hands
first touch

love ulcer.

my belly---a throbbing orgy of dragonflies, mid-multiplicity.